Bluetooth Smart Outlet


The Currant Bluetooth Smart Outlet helps you take control of your home — and your energy bill. Simply plug it in, connect to the app, and Currant will get to work analyzing usage on the devices you plug into it. It’s powered by AI, so you’ll receive personalized, easy-to-implement suggestions to reduce energy consumption and save money.
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You plug it in.

We help you save.

Build Your Network

Add a Currant WiFi Smart Outlet to your home to bring full functionality to your Currant Bluetooth Smart Outlet, including the ability to control your devices remotely or with with your voice.

A mirror image
of your style.

Currant was designed with you in mind. The smart outlet features a sleek, reflective surface that showcases your style, plus the ability to switch the outlet’s direction to best suit your space.

Design that works
for you.

Currant was created to work for any home, room, or situation. It easily adapts to different outlets — if you need the cords pointed in another direction, simply flip the plate in the back!

WiFi Smart Outlet

Bluetooth Smart Outlet

powered by AI
energy monitoring
Flippable plate
Control your outlet
from anywhere
When paired with a WiFi Smart Outlet.*
Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
When paired with a WiFi Smart Outlet.*
* Place a Currant Bluetooth Smart Outlet within range of a Currant WiFi Smart Outlet to give it all the functionality of WiFi. The outlets communicate with each other, bringing cloud connectivity to both outlets.


  • Input: 120V / 15A / 60Hz
  • Output: 120V / 1800W Resistive
  • 960W Incandescent
  • 600W Electronic Ballast
  • 1.5 hp Controlled Outlet
  • TV-5
  • Indoor dry location use only